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Performance Short

The Groveler


The Groveler is your everyday go to. It has a slightly fuller front end and constant outline curve to allow seamless turns, a single concave though out for speed.  Available with square, squash or swallow tail.  


Round Tail Ripper


The R.T.R  is a  versatile one board quiver.  From waist high to overhead.  From tubes to tricks.  Tight rails and Single to double concave.   


Carve XL


A Big Boy short board, for the over 180 Lbs crew.  Full volume meets Performance.  A single concave to double spiral off tail.  

 Available swallow, round or squash tail.

$575 - $600. 



The Hybrid Quint is a versatile medium volume wave catcher.

Ride it short as a Fish for summer kicks.  Ride it Large for outer reefs and point breaks.  5'6" - 7'6"  stock as 5-fin Swallow. also available as Tri or Twin


Something Fishy

Diamond Tail Quad


The Diamond Tail Quad has low entry rocker for paddle and glide with a single concave to spiral Vee off the tail.  It's flat deck give it more volume for float and stability. =" Wave Hog". Quad fin system, Ride 0"- 4" shorter


2020 Twin


This Twin is not Retro,  It just might be your every day rip stick. Medium rocker, performance rails and a single to double concave to Vee bottom. removable or glass-on Keels. Ride +2" to  -2" your height

$550 -$575.


Easy Rider


The Easy Rider is a  user friendly every day board.  Tail rocker for flowing turns and a subtle concave in the nose for tip time.  Available 2+1 or Single  9'0" - 10'0" 

$725 - $800. 



The Performance Long is sleek and fine tuned for off the tail turns and lip bashing.  It has slight concave throughout for speed and bite.  A good choice for tube chasers. Also a replacement for your outer reef gun.  2+1 or Single

$725 - $775

Mini Rider


The Mini Rider is the downsized version of the Easy Rider.

Made for surfers 150 Lbs and less.  8'0" to 8' 10"

$650. - $700.

The Hulk


The Hulk is a Full Volume Tanker (24'+ wide and 3 3/8"+ thick).

It can ride the smallest swells but can also hold it's own in overhead surf as well.  Concave up front, Flat at center to Vee off the back for turn-ability.               9'0" - 11'0"  Single or 2+1

$750 - $900.

2020 single


Old school outline with a modern rail.  Low rocker and a subtle concave up front with a little Vee off the tail.

$725 - $750.

Style Master


The Style Master has low rocker, a 60/40 rail and a Vee to Flat to Vee bottom.  Round or Square tail, Knee patch, Single fin Box or Glass-on.

$750 - $800. 

80's logic

80's Glider


Trim and Glide are what it's all about.  With a wide point forward outline    and a medium rocker sporting a flat to Vee bottom .  Stock  fin set up is the Widow Maker 2+1  - can also be ordered as Tri fin.

Ride 6" inches to 2' feet over your height.

$575 - $650.

80's Twin


The 80's Twin is a high volume low rocker-ed machine.  Thick off both ends with full rails and hard edges off the back end.  Flat to double  concave Vee off tail.  Twin Glass on or  removable. Center stabilizer available.                     Ride 0" to 4" shorter.

$550. - $575.