Ellis  is a well traveled surfer/shOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAaper with thirteen consecutive winters on Hawaii’s North Shore of Oahu, Kauai and Maui, and multiple trips to Indo, Tahiti, Fiji, Brazil, Nicaragua and Mainland Mexico.

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Born in Santa Barbara in 1963 He grew-up sailing the Channel Islands with his family in a 30′ fiberglass trimaran his father built in their backyard.

In 1972 his family moved to Dana Point and he became friends with Timmy Patterson (T. Patterson Surfboards) who’s dad Ronald Patterson was building boards at the Hobie factory in Capo Beach. Here he was able to see shapers like Terry Martin and Dale Velzy shape and see the whole board building process.  In 1981 he turned his Mom’s garage into a shaping room and started Ellis Surfboards. A few years later shaper/glasser Brad Basham offered him a shaping room at his shop, and now over 15,000 boards and 35 years later Ellis is still with Brad at Basham’s new factory and surf shop in San Clemente.

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